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An Overview of Hearing Loss

There are a number of reasons we experience hearing loss - ranging from genetic makeup to lifestyle choices. The reasons are so numerous that each person's experience is truly unique. That's why it's important to really understand the factors at work for every individual. There are several degrees of hearing loss, including:

  • Mild: difficult to understand speech in noisy environments, soft sounds are muddled.
  • Moderate: difficult to understand speech when background noise is present, soft and moderate sounds are difficult to hear.
  • Severe: difficult to engage in group conversation, even one-on-one conversations must be conducted loudly.
  • Profound: communication without hearing aids is essentially impossible, some very loud sounds are heard.

To help assess your specific needs and degree of hearing loss, Sears Hearing Centres makes sure each visit starts with a comprehensive review of:

  • Hearing health
  • Noise exposure
  • Communication you'd like to improve
    For example, you may be comfortable in one-on-one conversations,but less comfortable at a work meeting or coffee shop.

After a thorough review, a Sears Hearing Health Care Professional will administer a hearing assessment test. All at no cost to you.

The review and assessment provide us with the information we need to recommend an appropriate solution that works for you, your life and your budget.

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